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Brian James

Belle Chasse Records Recording Artist


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About Brian James

Brian James, a distinguished country music enthusiast, boasts a rich heritage steeped in the timeless sounds of legends such as George Jones, Hank Williams, and Merle Haggard. His musical journey initially took flight in the realm of blues and rock as a skilled guitarist until a fateful encounter with Kid Rock led to a pivotal role as the lead guitarist for Uncle Kracker. Embarking on a transformative path, Brian has since graced stages nationwide with his melodic creations, showcasing himself as an exceptionally talented singer-songwriter with a penchant for poignant storytelling.


With a notable repertoire of original and collaborative works, Brian has shared the spotlight with acclaimed acts like Dustin Lynch, Parmalee, and Colt Ford, delivering soul-stirring performances that resonate deeply with audiences. His unwavering passion for country music serves as a conduit for emotional connection, channeling the genre's innate ability to impart solace through authentic narratives that touch the soul.


Beyond the realm of music, Brian finds solace in the simple pleasures of fishing and the spirited competition of cornhole, a passion that culminated in achieving ACL Pro status in 2021 and earning national recognition through appearances on The USA National Team televised broadcasts. A fervent patriot at heart, Brian draws inspiration from his brother's service in Afghanistan, a steadfast hero whose courage and sacrifice embody the essence of unwavering dedication to country and principles.


Embodying a steadfast commitment to standing up for his beliefs and championing causes close to his heart, Brian's life philosophy encapsulates the essence of seizing every moment with unwavering zeal. With a resounding mantra of "Life is unfathomably short, so you gotta live it," Brian James epitomizes the enduring spirit of resilience and authenticity that defines his artistic endeavors and personal ethos.

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New Single Out 7.12.24

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